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Why God allows what He does and intervenes when He does boggles my mind sometimes.

It often doesn’t make sense to me, but then, I’m a human being and God’s not like me. His ways are far above mine and my finite human brain doesn’t think like His.

It’s like God and I are watching a parade, but I see it from standing at street level and He sees it from above. I see only what’s in front of me, and I only know what’s already gone past me. But God sees what’s ahead and knows the very best way to make it all fit together properly. While He created the world and weather patterns, He doesn’t always step in to stop it, and I believe it’s because He sees more than what I see.

In the Bible, we only see Jesus calming one storm (Matthew 8:23-27 and Mark 4:35-41), but surely in 33 years, there had been more than one. Why didn’t He intervene and calm all the storms? Because when Jesus calmed that one storm, it was for a very specific purpose, to show His disciples that He was indeed God and that when you understand who God really is, you won’t fear even natural disasters.  If the disciples truly believed Jesus was everything He’d claimed to be, why would they ever for a moment think God would let a ship carrying Jesus go down in a storm?

So I don’t know what God’s purpose was for allowing these storms and not stopping them, but maybe through them many people will be reminded that there’s Someone bigger than all of us, and even bigger than the biggest hurricane.

Maybe it’s in the storms of life that we see God’s hand the clearest.

If every day was fair weather, would we look more to God and thank Him for His blessings? Or do we need occasional hurricanes and tornadoes to make us look up to Him and to realize how very helpless we are without Him?