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When it comes to surviving in our current age, the key is to think. Not just think about your everyday life, but about every piece of information that comes your way.  If we accept what the media tells us at face value, we’re setting ourselves up to be manipulated by those who control the media.

Before you discount me as a crazy conspiracy theorist, consider this.  Every human being has a worldview, and the decisions they make every day, the choices their behavior is based on, is rooted in that worldview, whatever it is.  In other words, many people can observe the same phenomenon and yet interpret it in different ways.

Ask any policeman who has to interview eye witnesses to an accident.  The factual details of the accident never change, but each eye witness saw the event from a different perspective.  One person might swear the blue car stopped, and the red car ran the stoplight.  Another might say the blue car caused the accident because they were standing on the opposite corner of the intersection.

The same thing happens with those who choose which news to feature in their newspapers and television programs.  They are, in a metaphorical sense, standing on various corners of the intersections of life, so we shouldn’t be surprised that their perspectives will vary.

This is why today, even more than ever, thinking is more vital than ever. As access to expressing your opinion online becomes easier, the differences in worldviews becomes even more obvious.

So think through what you hear, sift it through your own worldview, and realize that no one (and no media outlet) has 100% truth because it’s all filtered through their own personal worldview.