About This Blog

This is a blog about truth: seeking truth, discovering truth, revealing truth.

In today’s world, we’re bombarded by news.  Some is based on truth and some is not.  Join me as we journey through the media free-for-all and learn to discern what is truth so we can reveal it to others.

Most of the main posts will be on Wednesdays, but current events don’t always happen on schedule, so I’ll post comment blogs on those as they arise.

  1. gracespotts says:

    I like this. Do you have a bio in here somewhere? (I’m not a real techie, have to feel my way.) Visit my blog, too, http://www.saytothewearyone.blogspot.com. Grace


  2. Yoshiko says:

    Thank you to follow my blog and like my poetry. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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