The Center for Medical Progress released a third video this morning, and it is even more gruesome than the previous ones.  I’m including the video below.  Please note that there is a warning near the end, and if you are at all tenderhearted, you should heed that warning.  The images you see are horrendous and will be seared into your mind’s eye.

Why is it horrendous?  Because, after debating the prices for body parts and deciding on the euphemistic language they’d use to cover up what they were really doing, they visited the remnants of a 11-week-old fetus and literally picked through the body parts to decide which ones were viable enough to earn money for Planned Parenthood, flipping a petite eyeball away because it wouldn’t earn them anything.

Before I saw this video, I wanted to believe these people were so uninformed that they really saw these tiny arms, legs, hearts, livers and other body parts as simply tissue, but my doubt was removed by a comment the doctor herself made as she first approached the petri dish.  “It’s a baby.”

Baby FeetA baby.

Not a fetus.

A baby.

That told me everything.  They know what they’re doing.  They know they are killing tiny humans.  They know it’s a real baby, not a lump of tissue.

They know—and don’t care.

Tell me, what’s the difference between these people and serial killers?

They know they are extinguishing the life of a human being.  They know they are doing it by literally pulling the child apart, ripping legs and arms from the torso, crunching skulls, eviscerating this tiny being.  They do it without feeling any sense of remorse or guilt for what they’re doing.  Isn’t this how serial killers behave with no regard whatsoever for their victims?

And then there are those who excuse them, who offer reasons why these ghouls are actually performing a service to women so we shouldn’t criticize them.  Aren’t they just as guilty because they try to hide the truth?

Has the coverage for these Planned Parenthood exposé videos been adequate to the magnitude of the horror?  Well, let’s check the stats. (from The O’Reilly Factor)

Planned Parenthood newest video coverage on CBS, NBC and ABC combined:
11 minutes, 13 seconds

Does that seem like enough for a story about an organization partially funded by American taxpayers’ dollars?  Well, let’s get some perspective.

In Zimbabwe, an American dentist paid $50,000 to kill a lion.

How much time did those three networks spend covering Cecil the lion’s death?
30 minutes, 1 second

Huh.  So, the three major networks spent almost three times as many minutes covering the death of a lion (which, by the way, is a non-story in Zimbabwe among the majority of the people) than they did the harvesting and trafficking in human baby body parts.

Really?  Is a lion’s life three times more important to these networks than thousands of human babies?  What does this tell us about their own humanity?

As I watched this newest video, all I could think of was Romans 1:28-29:

“Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.  They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity.”

These are indeed, as the doctor herself said, “war-torn babies,” and only those with a depraved mind could ever see this and not want to make it stop. Immediately.

I’d like to recommend Malcomthecynic’s post, Here is What Planned Parenthood Said that is Completely Unambiguous, for a good think through on a couple of points.

Also, in this post from Egnorance, we see a good point about if it’s a donation, there shouldn’t be any haggling.  Haggling indicates it’s not purely for their expenses, but they’re trying to get the most money out of it–and that indicates profit.

  1. Of course the main similarity between these two news stories is that they came out at the same time, and both stories are about someone lying. You think PP is lying. I think the CMP is lying. And we can probably agree that Bwana Dentist (and his assistant poachers) are lying.


    • What does the CMP NEED to lie about? We can ignore everything conjectural and only look at the things we are sure the PP workers are saying and doing and STILL come up with a really damning indictment of the whole damned organization.


      • I agree with you. The CMP has no need to lie, and it faces steep charges if it does. PP will certainly pull out their entire stable of lawyers for this battle. But no matter, if CMP was lying, they’re stupid to post the full-length videos since anyone can go and watch the whole thing. Their “lies” would be easily exposed–and this is why it’s pretty obvious that they’re not lying. The video with them picking through body parts was horrific. The PP people are condemning themselves. This is what they’re like, and it’s high time someone exposed PP for what they truly are: Murderers for hire.


    • PP has much more reason to lie than CMP. If PP is found to be guilty, they stand to lose millions of dollars. Money will make people do awful things, and cold, hard cash is what the entire abortion industry is based on. If it weren’t lucrative, abortion would be a non-issue. As Malcomthecynic pointed out in his blog, if the fees PP receives for the specimens is supposed to be purely for their expenses in procuring it, then all the various organs would require the same expense. However, we see them putting different prices on various body parts. So no, it’s pretty obvious the money isn’t just to cover their expenses. Besides, how could that one lady ever buy her Lambourghini if she doesn’t get more for some parts than for others?


  2. Look folks, you are judging motives to lie based on a dearth of information. The CMP is not some public interest group. It’s an intentionally misleading front name for very well-funded anti-abortion activists. They have no interest in “medical progress” whatsoever. They are hired political operatives. You may think “they have no reason to lie”, but if you compare the unedited with the edited versions of the videos, that’s exactly what they ARE doing. It’s “swiftboating”, like lying about John Kerry’s war record. They cut out everything the doctors said about how they insure there’s no profit from tissue prep and transport, the fact that most PP clinics do not participate, why some organs are more useful as a research medium, why preparation is more difficult for some tissues (therefore prep costs more) – basically the answers to all your objections.

    Does anyone else commenting even work in health care? I’m a medical asst. and imaging tech. They don’t perform abortions at the Urgent Care where I currently work, but I have previously worked in hospitals and clinics that did. If everything the CMP was asserting was true, including the total of probable “profit” sums, then PP would be jeopardizing their entire status as a non-profit for a paltry amount compared to their budget and salaries. There’s SO much documentation involved in tissue donation, and tons of oversight and governmental regulation, because most of their patients are poor women on Medicaid. No one could possibly hide the activity of doing it for profit! The Hyde Amendment has been in force for 39 years, and there have been hundreds of attendant court cases. PP uses a separate legal entity for abortion services from all the other ones they provide. The non-abortion screenings, birth control and testing are the only ones that can receive federal funding.

    You are buying into a conspiracy theory just because it’s a “horrible”.


    • It appears we see the value of human life differently. I think ALL life matters. Since it appears you value some lives more than others, we will never see eye to eye on this issue. If you’re in the health care field, then you know it’s a life, a separate DNA than the mother’s so a separate life from hers. The heart starts beating much earlier than PP tells women. Maybe if there’s “SO much documentation involved in tissue donation,” PP shouldn’t be involved in it at all. I’m sorry, but people picking through baby parts and flicking tiny eyeballs around without any regard for the life that was lost is morally reprobate. I suppose you’re one who sees nothing wrong with “post-birth abortions” either, huh?

      Life has value and the least they can do if they’re going to kill the baby is to treat it with respect after it’s dead.


    • You may think “they have no reason to lie”, but if you compare the unedited with the edited versions of the videos, that’s exactly what they ARE doing.

      YOU misunderstand ME. I have no “questions”. I do not accuse them. I specifically picked the sections that were as unambiguous as possible.

      I didn’t mean “they have no reason to lie” to mean “the organization is entirely objective”. I meant that Planned Parenthood has already damned themselves. The group had no need to lie simply because Planned Parenthood is bad enough without their help.

      You are buying into a conspiracy theory just because it’s a “horrible”.

      Let’s get this straight: We’re up to four videos now of Planned Parenthood associates talking about how they sometimes risk killing intact babies and get monetary compensation for the transportation of fetal parts, and WE’RE the conspiracy theorists because we DON’T believe that the videos are a cleverly edited stunt made to make look pro-choicers look bad.

      Yeah, okay.

      They cut out everything the doctors said about how they insure there’s no profit from tissue prep and transport,

      They actually haggle over prices to try and get the best possible deal. A cost is a cost. To haggle – to negotiate – means you want a better deal: A profit.

      …the fact that most PP clinics do not participate,

      I don’t care.

      …why some organs are more useful as a research medium,

      I don’t care.

      why preparation is more difficult for some tissues (therefore prep costs more) – basically the answers to all your objections.

      Cogito misunderstood my objection, actually. I clarified it in my actual thread post. Here is my clarification:

      If you “donate” something, you don’t haggle. You donate. Negotiations and varying price ranges based on the perceived value of the organs indicate that they’re trying to make a profit. Whether or not it’s *technically, legally* based only on transportation of the organs as opposed to direct sale of organs is ultimately irrelevant.

      I don’t much care if Planned Parenthood isn’t *technically* breaking the law. I think that most people are past that point: It’s that what they’re doing is disturbing even to most pro-choicers, law or no law.

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  3. Dawn V. Cahill says:

    Something I’m tired of hearing from the left: that the right’s attempts to defund Planned Parenthood is a “deliberate, planned, targeted, war on women.” NO, IT ISN”T. It isn’t about women at all!

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